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My New Yorkiversary

this blog was merely a twinkle in my eye (a strange phrase my parents use to describe the time right before each of their children were born) when I had my one year New York Anniversary in July, so I've decided to do a little "Throwback Thursday" post to commemorate that wonderful day. living in New York is really important to me. it's something I'd wanted to do from maybe age eight, when I first set foot in Manhattan, and while my original vision of life here has changed (in it, I would go to NYU, live in the West Village, and be on Broadway or a photographer for Rolling Stone...), moving out here was the best decision I've ever made. Nate, being the thoughtful and wonderful boyfriend he is, knows this, and made my one year anniversary in New York a very special one. we had lunch at Artichoke, we went to the top of the Empire State building (insanely touristy, but well worth it on a clear day) and the NY Public Library, we ate dinner at a secret burger joint hidden in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, and finished the night off with a show at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre (that part wasn't abnormal for us, but a New York day wouldn't be complete without a UCB show). I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to live here. it isn't always the easiest place to live... the subway smells terrible, I'm constantly in a rush, there are SO. MANY. PEOPLE. ...but more often than not, I'm reminded why it is truly the most magical place I've ever been, and I couldn't see myself living anywhere else right now. 

xo, miranda

Autumn Day Trip

Nate and I rented a ZipCar and took a drive a couple hours north of the city over the weekend. as a California native, I had never quite experienced FALL until I moved to New York. it is pretty incredible and the colors just blow my mind every time. first, we drove to the cute little HAMLET of Croton Falls to sample pie at Salinger's Orchard Market. then we spent a couple hours walking around Beacon, NY (I have to go back earlier in the day so I can check out the modern art museum Dia:Beacon when it's open) and finally Cold Spring, where we browsed a bunch of specialty stores and antique shops and enjoyed a very different side of the Hudson River than what we're used to on the west side of Manhattan. we got stuck in traffic on the way back, but I didn't mind, because I (as passenger seat DJ) got to introduce Nate to Rufus Wainwright, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. success! it was such a fun trip and it's so nice to get out of the city every once in a while.


this awesome dude was making custom christmas ornaments right before our eyes at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY

Nate in a tunnel.

xo, miranda

Roosevelt Island

Nate and i went on another "how about we" outing over the weekend.  we road our bikes through Brooklyn and Queens and over TWO bridges (tiring!!) to Roosevelt Island, a little two mile-long island situated between the Upper East Side and Long Island City. neither of us had ever been, so we didn't know what to expect. we discovered that it is really its own little contained community with a bunch of apartment buildings, a few restaurants, beautiful parks with city views, even a Starbucks. it seems like a kind of weird but nice alternative to living in one of the outer boroughs, and i imagine it would feel a bit like living in the dorms all over again. we picked up our picnic basket filled with food, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and found a nice shady spot on the north end to hang out for a couple hours. adorbs!

nathan exploring the island


queensboro bridge

picnic spread

our bikes!

lighthouse and two lil squirts chasing each other

xo, miranda

Important TV News!

obvs we were all very busy watching Breaking Bad and perhaps missed last night's episode of Boardwalk Empire... might i suggest you HBO Go it today and look out for my boyfriend Nate Dern's face!! great, thanks, have an A1 day!

j. edgar hoover on the far left and my boyfriend nate on the far right!

Peter And The Starcatcher

last night my boyfriend Nate and i had a pretty delightful date night. 

we recently discovered a website called  "how about we" that creates deals for cute date ideas... (kind of like groupon for couples?) there is a "couple" site and a "singles" site, so it can be used in different ways. this was the first one we've been on and so far it's great! the date we chose included discounted tickets to the off-Broadway show "Peter and The Starcatcher" and a free drink at the theater. the show was so sweet and great! it's a prequel to the Peter Pan story that we all know and love, and it was really cool and very innovative. i recommend it! we started off with dinner at easily my number one New York burger joint, Shake Shack, saw the show, and finished the night off by catching up on the latest episode of Breaking Bad. (UMMM GUYS.)

i think i moved to New York with the idea that i'd be seeing a lot more Broadway shows, but as it turns out, there's not a ton of room in my budget for that. so any chance i get (especially if the tickets are discounted!) is really exciting. definitely go see this show if you can!

xo, miranda


us at shake shack!