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Holidays in California

The holidays are more than over, so it feels kind of funny to be posting this now, but I'm here today to share some photos from the very end of 2014. We spent the holidays with my family in California this year, which is always a wonderful time. It was especially nice to get out of the city for a week, sleep in, and avoid heavy winter coats at all costs.

the presents i wrapped using branches from my parents' yard, twine, and inside out Trader Joe's bags :)

Irish Coffees on Christmas Eve!

sweet picture of my Grandma Lila and niece Georgia

Erokan girls on Christmas morning

Nate vs. Dash

with my Aunt Sally

David on the quarter pipe

I do love a good Warehouse Christmas

xo, miranda

Baby Georgia

Nate and I took a quick trip to California a couple weeks ago to meet my brand new baby niece Georgia Jo. we unfortunately didn't take too many pictures with the nice camera because we were too busy soaking up every last minute of family/baby time, but Nate managed to snap a few. she's sweet and beautiful and chill as can be, and Dashel is settling into his big brother role amazingly. 

xo, miranda

Thanksgiving in California

we spent Thanksgiving week with my family in Northern California. it was such a nice trip! the weather was fantastic and I got to spend lots of quality time with family and friends who I don't get to see nearly enough of. I got to spend my nephew Dash's third birthday with him and take him to a children's museum one day, so I got some much needed nephew time. we always spend Thanksgiving at my Aunt Meg and Uncle Don's house. a lot of people attend (seriously a lot. like 40+!) and a tons of preparation goes into the day. they live up in the hills close to Berkeley, so the view from their porch is pretty unbelievable. I think I appreciate it more every year, especially after living in New York, where the view from my window is another apartment building. we ate a lot, played a lot, and collectively only had one case of food poisoning the whole time! overall, successful week.

My birthday present for Dash was a dino Chalkboard Tee, purchased at The Brooklyn Flea. So cute!!

View from upstairs at my Aunt Sally and Uncle David's amazing converted warehouse in Oakland.


Cool skater dude

Cool skater dude

Funny dudes

cute parents

Nate and Courtney in Sausalito

Dashel was in heaven at the Bay Area Discovery Museum's construction site

Beautiful boy and backdrop

My baby!

Friends! Sami, Kate, and Will

Nate and I made our favorite Apple Cider Sangria for Thanksgiving

D'Arcy, Sally, and Stacy

Jason and doggies

Amazing view from my Aunt Meg's house

family! <3

With my Grandma Lila

So many cousins!

xo, miranda