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An Autumn Fern DIY

here's a step-by-step guide on how to use your expert gardening skills to turn a healthy, thriving, GREEN asparagus fern turn into an autumnal accent to your fall decorations!



step one: over-water fern and keep in direct sunlight for about a month.

step two:  under-water fern and move out of the sun.

step three: just spray it haphazardly with a water bottle for a couple weeks?

there you have it! just take a plant that you have little to no idea how to care for, and follow these simple rules.

kidding, friends! this fern is a huge failure, but we're going with it until it completely falls apart.

xo, miranda

The Fiddle Leaf Fig

i'll be honest... i have a bit of a house plant addiction.  one plant that i'm constantly dreaming about having in my home is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. they are gorgeous and big and leafy and perfect. i'm still spending too much time and effort trying to keep all of our succulents and air plants and various other little plants alive that i might not be ready for the responsibility of one of these big guys. they take a lot of special care, but i think it's worth it? i guess it's kind of like getting a dog, which is another dream in this house... they're beautiful and would bring us so much joy, but are we ready to take on the responsibility?? stay tuned and expect lots of pictures of our future dog and/or fig tree.

xo, miranda

beautiful and massive fiddle leaf

i love how this one got so big it started growing sideways!! amazing.

*source: pinterest* 

Indoor Gardening

since moving to New York i've developed a new appreciation and serious love of gardening. the only problem is i have very limited space in this one bedroom apartment to enjoy my favorite new hobby.  i've gotten to the point where all the obvious spots in the apartment are covered in plant life... the windowsills, the side table, the flea market ladder (whose sole function is to be a plant display at this point). i absolutely love living in New York City, especially in this apartment, but i still catch myself daydreaming about the future when we'll have a backyard with room to grow herbs and fruits and veggies... even some of our plants that stay alive in here do so reluctantly and i know would prefer more sunlight and probably less AC blasting them constantly.

succulents in the window

cacti garden

spider plant

window boxes

xo, miranda

Tiny Strawberries

my sister D'Arcy is in new york for the weekend and she's staying with Nate and me. she brought us the sweetest present... an eggling! if you haven't seen these adorable creations, they are perfect little ceramic eggs that you break open with a spoon... the soil and seeds are already inside, all you need to do is water it and in a couple months we should have a tiny strawberry or two growing out of our egg! it shall be the cutest ever.

strawb seeds

watering my sweet lil strawberries

admiring my new plant baby