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New Orleans for Halloween!

our trip to New Orleans was so much fun! and silly. I really loved it there and thought it was a perfect way to spend Halloween. it was such a stark contrast to life in New York... most notably the weather and general vibe of the people. it really made me want to explore the rest of the country that I haven't seen yet... especially some more cities in the South, like Nashville and Austin. if you make it to NOLA, I would definitely recommend you have coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde, take a free tour of the French Quarter with our new friend Dave The NOLA Tour Guy (seriously do it! he's great and knows so much about the area), see some free jazz in Louis Armstrong Park, have brunch or a late night snack (oops, we did both!) at The Camellia Grill, and try not to spend too much time drinking Hurricanes on Bourbon Street. :) I picked some of my favorite pictures from the trip to share with you... hope you enjoy!

Nate painted these lil skulls on my nails! his new talent is a very exciting  discovery for me...!

We went to a cool antique weapons and coins shop in the French Quarter. They had SWORDS!

Nate was very concerned that I stepped out into traffic to take this picture.

Nothing is cuter to me than this boy in cat ears.

Beautiful New Orleans sky

Jazz in Louis Armstrong Park

Leaders of an amazing brass band in Armstrong Park. The guy in the middle made me cry a little when he paid his respects to the Louis Armstrong statue!

Waldo in the French Quarter

Halloween preparations!

The ducks in NOLA have PINK BEAKS! Could that be cuter?

Frank the Bunny & Donnie Darko

Juliana & Todd in their amazing face paint.

Exploring Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Lafayette Cemetery

I found a horse on Bourbon Street!

Adam, Juliana, Todd, and Erik in their Halloween costumes.

Hurricanes from Pat O'Brien's are a dangerous indulgence...

Our amazing tour guide Dave!! We loved him.

French Quarter tour by Dave, the Nola Tour Guy.

Beignets are a perfect food and I would like to eat one every single day.

We went to a butterfly sanctuary and they were all obsessed with Nate!!

New butterfly friend!

New gator friend!

The French Quarter is perfect.

xo, miranda

A Pumpkin Carving Party!

we had some friends over to carve pumpkins over the weekend! i've been really wanting to do that for the last couple years, but always forget to carve out (!!) enough time for it, so i made sure to this year. i made tomato soup with a family recipe i borrowed from my bestie Natalie... it was my first time making soup from scratch! it was so good and i made it again with the leftover ingredients the following day because we liked it so much. we also made this Apple Cider Sangria recipe, which everyone agreed was great and didn't taste like alcohol at all. :) we ended the evening with a couple rounds of "Werewolves" (also known as Mafia) which we play year-round, but we definitely couldn't leave it out at a super spooky Halloween party such as this.

Renly trying to fit in with some pumpkins

pumpkin guts!!

gotta get rid of all those guts!

the most delicious tomato soup, in progress.

enjoying our soup

Peter & Allie used a drill to make a disco ball pumpkin (!)

Oscar designing his amazing pumpkin guy with the most personality i've seen on a gourd.

Apple Cider Sangria!

Disco Ball pumpkin

hard at work

North America pumpkin!

so tasty and cozy

our game of Werewolves from Nate's point of view

Nate's Frank the bunny, Oscar's UCB pumpkin, Allie & Peter's Disco Ball, and Zack & Caroline's North America

My cat and Oscar's grumpy/awesome dude

xo, miranda

Halloween Inspiration

hi friends! as i've mentioned (and will continue to mention), i really love Halloween. there's a costume that's been at nearly the top of my list for years, but for whatever reason i've never gotten around to doing it... the Morton's Salt umbrella girl! one of these years i'm gonna do it. if there's anybody else on the planet who's also considered this costume, this post is for you. here are some ideas of how to dress up as that adorable little girl on the Morton's Salt container:

1)  yellow dress

2) yellow ballet flats 

3) yellow duck umbrella

4) carry around a container of Morton's Salt of course! (this post is not sponsored by Morton's, i'm just a superfan i guess??)


happy Halloween preparing! 

xo,  miranda

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. oddly enough, i'm not big on scary things (although Nate and i DID watch Cabin In The Woods the other night, which is very unlike us. but it was really awesome, and definitely worth watching even if you don't like horror movies!). but what i love so much about Halloween is the SEASON. and weather. and dressing up! i'm very into costume parties, and my birthday parties tend to be themed because i am a very grown-up adult (some past favorites include the Beatles party of '08 and Super Heroes and Villains party of '09).

i thought i'd take a moment to show some of my favorite past Halloween costumes. i have a couple ideas for what to dress up as this year, but i'm still narrowing it down. do "adults" only get to dress up for one night of Halloween weekend? how do i get around that rule? it's going to be a good time no matter what, because we're going to New Orleans! i can't wait. i will be accepting recommendations for food, shops, bars etc startingggg... NOW! thanks pals. :)


Hannah as R2D2 & me as Black Swan

Tink & Capt. Hook with my dad :)

alice in wonderland (i was her for about 3 years in a row in high school)

with Andy as Richie & Margo Tennenbaum

Donnie Darko last year

xo, miranda