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House Plant Inspiration

i'm starting to get excited for Spring and what that means for the apartment/my overall happiness: new plants! some of our lil guys didn't make it through the winter, either due to the weather or perhaps our sweet angel kitten digging them up... so it's time to find some new ones. one look i'm really into currently is hanging and draping and overgrown plantlife inside. i'd like to definitely have a big long guy draping over our bookshelf and maybe some others hanging from the ceiling or walls. here are a few spaces i've been pinning for inspiration lately...

xo, miranda

Easy DIYs

hey guys! I'm gonna share two super easy DIYs with you today: a photo display and a cute way to hang all of your sunglasses. Nate and I did both of these pretty quickly after we moved into our apartment. we ordered some of our Instagram photos from PostalPix, which is a great photo printing app for your phone. they're super cheap, they came in just a couple of days, and they're square! we got enough printed that we have them all over the house, but we decided to display some of our favorites prominently over our headboard. to get a cute rustic photo display, you're only going to need twine, clothespins, and nails. (we used regular old nails from the hardware store, but if you wanna go the extra mile cuteness-wise, might i suggest these beauties from General Store?

this project is as easy as deciding where you want your photo display to go, hammering in nails on either side (leaving the nail head about 1/4 inch out of the wall), tying each end of the twine around the nails (just be sure to give the twine enough slack so it looks nice), and spacing the clothespins a couple inches apart along the twine. then pick your favorite pictures to attach to the clothespins, burn the edges of the twine lightly to prevent fraying, and you're done! we love it.

another even easier DIY (it's basically the last project, minus a step or two) is this sweet way to hang/display your sunglasses. Nate and I visited my bestie Hannah in Portland last Spring, and she had one of these hanging in her closet, so as soon as we got back to New York we recreated it. thanks Han :) just hang your nails and twine in the same way as the photo display, hang your sunglasses, and enjoy! we like it in our closet, but it could be cute on a wall in the bedroom as well.

this household loves decorating with twine, and guess what! turns out, Miss Renly is a twine lover as well. she looks like such a wild animal in these pictures!!  meow.

xo, miranda

Welcome Banner DIY

my mom came to visit over the weekend!! we've had quite a few house guests and it's always really fun. i love showing friends and family from out of town what it is we do here on a daily basis in New York... from the shops, to the farmers markets, to our favorite restaurants, to comedy shows and theater, we tend to have a pretty packed weekend schedule. i'm excited to someday have a guest room or some other private space for visitors, but for now, they get the living room. so far that's worked out pretty well. i wanted to do something to make the space more inviting, so i decided to make a sweet lil welcome banner that you see right when you walk in the door. we have a sort of rustic design vibe going on in our apartment, with a lot of natural wood furniture, etc. so i decided to continue that and make the banner out of natural burlap and twine.

what you'll need: about a half yard of burlap, acrylic paint in the color of your choice, letter stickers, scissors, foam paintbrush, twine, and clothespins.

step one: cut out a triangle in the size of your choice out of cardboard or paper to use as a stencil. i used it to mark with a pen on the burlap where to cut. before you cut, make sure you fold your burlap in half, and place the short end of the triangle stencil on the fold. cut out enough triangles for what you want your banner to say. (i.e. if you want it to say WELCOME, you'll need seven!)

step two: place your letter stickers on the burlap triangle. then use your acrylic paint and foam brush to paint around the letter. you can go as messy or clean with the paint as you like... i went for a slightly messier look, so it almost looks like i used spray paint. be sure to saturate the fabric with paint, especially right on the edges of the sticker. wait a couple minutes, then carefully peel off the sticker.


step three: once the paint is dry, string the twine through the fold of each triangle (in order of course!). secure each triangle with two clothespins, and hang it up by tying each end of the twine to a nail! tip: lightly burn the edges of the twine so it won't fray.

the finished product: 

xo, miranda

The Fiddle Leaf Fig

i'll be honest... i have a bit of a house plant addiction.  one plant that i'm constantly dreaming about having in my home is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. they are gorgeous and big and leafy and perfect. i'm still spending too much time and effort trying to keep all of our succulents and air plants and various other little plants alive that i might not be ready for the responsibility of one of these big guys. they take a lot of special care, but i think it's worth it? i guess it's kind of like getting a dog, which is another dream in this house... they're beautiful and would bring us so much joy, but are we ready to take on the responsibility?? stay tuned and expect lots of pictures of our future dog and/or fig tree.

xo, miranda

beautiful and massive fiddle leaf

i love how this one got so big it started growing sideways!! amazing.

*source: pinterest* 

An Easy DIY

here's a super quick & easy DIY i did over the weekend. i've seen this done with paint before, but using tape is much more renter-friendly, as well as a good idea for people who change their minds frequently about decorating, like me. it took probably 20 minutes and it makes me so happy every time i see it. i think i'll probably do the same thing to the bedroom and closet doors in different colors because i love it so much. 

 what you'll need: washi tape or masking tape in the color or pattern of your choice. (i used masking tape because the art store i went to had never heard of washi tape? which seemed odd to me.) 

 ideally you will have tape that covers the width of the side of your door. if that's not the case (like me) you'll just have to layer two pieces to make it fit... i thought it would look sloppy, but you can't even tell. the only part that's semi-tricky is going around the lock part, but i just cut smaller strips to fit.

i'm gonna leave it at that, because really guys... it's a very easy project.

the finished product. i'm in love!

xo, miranda