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Renegade Craft Fair

the Renegade Craft Fair came to Brooklyn! it was just as delightful as I'd always hoped, although maybe slightly more crowded than I'd pictured. there are so many talented and creative people in this town and I love supporting them in any way I can. it was located in Downtown Brooklyn in the Williamsburgh Savings Bank... some of the sellers were set up inside a vault! super cool. there were multiple floors full of everything from handmade toys, to jewelery, to leather goods, to adorable stationery. the Winter Craft Fair was lovely and cozy and full of great gift ideas, and I'm already excited to see what the Summer Renegade has in store.

this picture is blurry because i got too shy to focus the shot at the last minute. BUT LOOK AT THAT SETUP, SO COOL.

xo, miranda

Cover Songs Mixtape

I'm working on a project at work this week that involves me listening to an excessive amount of cover songs. sometimes covers are the best and can help you discover great music or remind you what you love about the original. other times, after hearing a cover I only want to hear the original. (For example: except for Rufus Wainwright's cover of Across The Universe, the I Am Sam soundtrack ONLY makes me want to listen to The Beatles.) I decided to put together a mixtape of some songs that fall into the category of Great Cover Songs. the song that originally inspired this post is one that I have NOT been able to stop listening to since I discovered it at work yesterday: Grimes' "Oblivion" covered by super talented and cool twins Allison & Katie Crutchfield. I hope you like it!

xo, miranda

Holiday Wreaths, etc.

I was looking through My Pins today for some inspiration and I noticed that I am completely obsessed with holiday wreaths right now. it just sort of snuck up on me I guess? but my entire "holiday" pinboard is made up of photos of wreaths or various other pine needle decor. we got our tree a couple weeks ago and decorated it with the sweetest lights ever (it's a tiny little potted Norfolk Pine... perhaps we'll keep it year round? is that weird?), but I've been holding out on buying a wreath for the apartment because I'd really like to make my own this year. if all goes according to plan, i'll have a post in the next week or two about my wreath DIY, but for now, here are some of my current favorite winter decor ideas...

xo, miranda

Thanksgiving in California

we spent Thanksgiving week with my family in Northern California. it was such a nice trip! the weather was fantastic and I got to spend lots of quality time with family and friends who I don't get to see nearly enough of. I got to spend my nephew Dash's third birthday with him and take him to a children's museum one day, so I got some much needed nephew time. we always spend Thanksgiving at my Aunt Meg and Uncle Don's house. a lot of people attend (seriously a lot. like 40+!) and a tons of preparation goes into the day. they live up in the hills close to Berkeley, so the view from their porch is pretty unbelievable. I think I appreciate it more every year, especially after living in New York, where the view from my window is another apartment building. we ate a lot, played a lot, and collectively only had one case of food poisoning the whole time! overall, successful week.

My birthday present for Dash was a dino Chalkboard Tee, purchased at The Brooklyn Flea. So cute!!

View from upstairs at my Aunt Sally and Uncle David's amazing converted warehouse in Oakland.


Cool skater dude

Cool skater dude

Funny dudes

cute parents

Nate and Courtney in Sausalito

Dashel was in heaven at the Bay Area Discovery Museum's construction site

Beautiful boy and backdrop

My baby!

Friends! Sami, Kate, and Will

Nate and I made our favorite Apple Cider Sangria for Thanksgiving

D'Arcy, Sally, and Stacy

Jason and doggies

Amazing view from my Aunt Meg's house

family! <3

With my Grandma Lila

So many cousins!

xo, miranda

My New Yorkiversary

this blog was merely a twinkle in my eye (a strange phrase my parents use to describe the time right before each of their children were born) when I had my one year New York Anniversary in July, so I've decided to do a little "Throwback Thursday" post to commemorate that wonderful day. living in New York is really important to me. it's something I'd wanted to do from maybe age eight, when I first set foot in Manhattan, and while my original vision of life here has changed (in it, I would go to NYU, live in the West Village, and be on Broadway or a photographer for Rolling Stone...), moving out here was the best decision I've ever made. Nate, being the thoughtful and wonderful boyfriend he is, knows this, and made my one year anniversary in New York a very special one. we had lunch at Artichoke, we went to the top of the Empire State building (insanely touristy, but well worth it on a clear day) and the NY Public Library, we ate dinner at a secret burger joint hidden in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, and finished the night off with a show at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre (that part wasn't abnormal for us, but a New York day wouldn't be complete without a UCB show). I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to live here. it isn't always the easiest place to live... the subway smells terrible, I'm constantly in a rush, there are SO. MANY. PEOPLE. ...but more often than not, I'm reminded why it is truly the most magical place I've ever been, and I couldn't see myself living anywhere else right now. 

xo, miranda