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Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. oddly enough, i'm not big on scary things (although Nate and i DID watch Cabin In The Woods the other night, which is very unlike us. but it was really awesome, and definitely worth watching even if you don't like horror movies!). but what i love so much about Halloween is the SEASON. and weather. and dressing up! i'm very into costume parties, and my birthday parties tend to be themed because i am a very grown-up adult (some past favorites include the Beatles party of '08 and Super Heroes and Villains party of '09).

i thought i'd take a moment to show some of my favorite past Halloween costumes. i have a couple ideas for what to dress up as this year, but i'm still narrowing it down. do "adults" only get to dress up for one night of Halloween weekend? how do i get around that rule? it's going to be a good time no matter what, because we're going to New Orleans! i can't wait. i will be accepting recommendations for food, shops, bars etc startingggg... NOW! thanks pals. :)


Hannah as R2D2 & me as Black Swan

Tink & Capt. Hook with my dad :)

alice in wonderland (i was her for about 3 years in a row in high school)

with Andy as Richie & Margo Tennenbaum

Donnie Darko last year

xo, miranda