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A Pumpkin Carving Party!

we had some friends over to carve pumpkins over the weekend! i've been really wanting to do that for the last couple years, but always forget to carve out (!!) enough time for it, so i made sure to this year. i made tomato soup with a family recipe i borrowed from my bestie Natalie... it was my first time making soup from scratch! it was so good and i made it again with the leftover ingredients the following day because we liked it so much. we also made this Apple Cider Sangria recipe, which everyone agreed was great and didn't taste like alcohol at all. :) we ended the evening with a couple rounds of "Werewolves" (also known as Mafia) which we play year-round, but we definitely couldn't leave it out at a super spooky Halloween party such as this.

Renly trying to fit in with some pumpkins

pumpkin guts!!

gotta get rid of all those guts!

the most delicious tomato soup, in progress.

enjoying our soup

Peter & Allie used a drill to make a disco ball pumpkin (!)

Oscar designing his amazing pumpkin guy with the most personality i've seen on a gourd.

Apple Cider Sangria!

Disco Ball pumpkin

hard at work

North America pumpkin!

so tasty and cozy

our game of Werewolves from Nate's point of view

Nate's Frank the bunny, Oscar's UCB pumpkin, Allie & Peter's Disco Ball, and Zack & Caroline's North America

My cat and Oscar's grumpy/awesome dude

xo, miranda