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Etsy Finds

1) this tomato print by Jamie Shelman brings me so much joy... i want it to find a home in the frame cluster on my living room wall.

2) these ombrΓ© tights are the bees knees.

3) i actually bought this hand-stamped arrow pencil case recently, and have started using it to keep all the little things in my purse together (lip balm, pencils, etc.), so i can easily switch from purse to purse (or to my backpack for work).

4) these color-block planters  would look perfect with some cute succulents planted in them on the new dark wood shelving we just got... time to go plant shopping again. oops!

5) Leah Goren's cat dress has been at the top of my wishlist for the longest time, but i'm waiting for the moment when i can justify the price... for now, it sure is nice to look at/dream about!

xo, miranda