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Little Home Improvements

i'd consider the apartment Nate and i share my first real "home" since i left for college six years ago. it's the first place i've lived that's felt permanent and that i've wanted to decorate and make my own. that's probably because i know it's not just a temporary place where i'll keep my things until my lease is up and have to find somewhere new. i really love the place and couldn't be happier with the neighborhood. i've really enjoyed making decorating our home an ongoing process. we're always finding something new to update or make more "us" in our space. here are a few little things i've done in the past couple days to spruce up the apartment...

sweetest new couch pillow. his name is sgt. pepper.

some lil plant guys in a flea market pepsi crate

nail polish spice rack

i got a basic spice rack from the container store to make a cute nail polish display case!

this slightly rusty ampersand is my most recent favorite williamsburg flea market find. it's from a sign factory in texas!

that tiny succulent is my pride and joy.