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The Fiddle Leaf Fig

i'll be honest... i have a bit of a house plant addiction.  one plant that i'm constantly dreaming about having in my home is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. they are gorgeous and big and leafy and perfect. i'm still spending too much time and effort trying to keep all of our succulents and air plants and various other little plants alive that i might not be ready for the responsibility of one of these big guys. they take a lot of special care, but i think it's worth it? i guess it's kind of like getting a dog, which is another dream in this house... they're beautiful and would bring us so much joy, but are we ready to take on the responsibility?? stay tuned and expect lots of pictures of our future dog and/or fig tree.

xo, miranda

beautiful and massive fiddle leaf

i love how this one got so big it started growing sideways!! amazing.

*source: pinterest*