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Closing Out My Open Tabs...

a few internet items that  caught my eye this week:

1) this article by Annie Clark (St. Vincent) on Arcade Fire's new album Reflektor in The Talk House... so good. this website is really cool. it's a place for established musicians to talk about/review the work of other established musicians and start a dialogue... it makes musicians seem more like real people and less like imaginary people from my dreams.

2) I know Halloween is over, but I think these DIY Skull Bookends by The Band Wife would be amazing on a shelf year-round. they're on my to-do list!

3) I'm really excited to join  Swapdom! it's brand new, so you start on the wait list, but once they let you join, you're able to list articles of clothing you want to get rid of and exchange them for somebody else's (like-new) clothing items that you like! seems like a dream, and perhaps I won't have to spend any more hours of my life waiting in line to sell clothes at Buffalo Exchange with minimal results.

4) obsessed with this Wolf Mitten DIY by The Paper Mama. I think I might have to adjust them to make it a fox face and then recreate it for myself this winter. (i suppose they're meant for children, but I've never let that stop me before...) 

5) I'm a sucker for a good photo project and this 2013 Timelapse video by Matthew Vandeputte is pretty phenomenal.

have a wonderful weekend! 

xo, miranda