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Thom Yorke

thomas edward yorke

good news! today is Thom Yorke's 45th birthday! i would like to celebrate that fact by dedicating a post to him. Thom is my ultimate favorite musician on this planet and i've loved him for a very long time. i heard my first Radiohead song in a hotel room in London on New Years Eve. my older siblings got to go out and celebrate at the bars, but i was nine years old, so i stayed in and listened to my favorite Christmas present, the CD "NOW That's What I Call Music!" (the very first ever..!) on my discman (really good throwbacks here). that's when i first heard Karma Police and kept it on repeat for a very long time. discovering Radiohead shaped my musical tastes forever and i still consider them my absolute favorite band. the times i have seen Radiohead live have really felt life-changing for me. i got to see Thom play with his side project Atoms for Peace a couple weeks ago with my friend Kelly and he is still my favorite musician and human to see perform live. happy birthday to you, Thom! you are a brilliant weirdo that i will adore til i die.

xo, miranda