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Snow Day

it SNOWED this morning! only a little, it didn't stick or anything... but I knew it was coming, so I set my alarm a little earlier than usual. I decided it would be worth it to forgo half an hour of sleep in favor of enjoying my favorite weather that I haven't seen in probably nine months! we took the longest possible walk to the subway to enjoy it. :) one of my favorite memories from last winter in New York was the blizzard in February... some friends and I got snowed in at my old apartment and we played board games, drank wine, snuck onto the roof to made snow angels... those kinds of nights are my favorite, and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting a couple nights like that this year. I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, and this morning's snow fall is long gone now, but I've collected some beautiful snowy pictures that are getting me excited for what's to come this winter.

xo, miranda