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Photos from Life Lately

you know that thing when you discover that your cat has been PEEING on her bed that you bought her? but then your boyfriend comes home and you tell him a long story about how you went to your favorite donut shop in Greenpoint earlier and just stood in there for a couple minutes and then left without buying one (a success story!) and then he makes a surprised face and grabs a bag of apple cider donuts from his bag that he brought home for you from the farmers market?? that happened the other day, and i guess i'm just trying to say that LIFE HAS A GOOD BALANCE SOMETIMES. anywho, here are some pictures from life lately...

she may be a troublemaker sometimes, but she sure complements our living room color scheme nicely.

with Josh & Hunter before seeing Man Man at Williamsburg Music Hall!


the hot dog of my dreams...!

concert goers

introducing Renly to Laney & Dash via FaceTime

xo, miranda