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The Decemberists

do you guys ever have the feeling about a band or musician that you are just entirely GRATEFUL for them? more than even just feeling glad that you get to listen to and enjoy them, but more like you feel lucky that they EXIST in this day and age. like their music betters music as a whole. anyway, I have this feeling about a few bands, one of them being The Decemberists. I just think they are really special and we should all feel very lucky that we get to have them. you know? I mean, is it physically possible to not thank your lucky stars for any current band that you hear using a HARPSICHORD prominently in a song?? I think not. I interned for Capitol Records a couple summers ago right around when The King Is Dead was released, and all summer I just felt a strong sense of pride that I got to help promote them in some small way.

I put together a mini mix of some of my favorite songs, so perhaps we can all enjoy them together today!

(^^^i love this song for many reasons, only one of them being completely self-centered...)

xo, miranda