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Easy DIYs

hey guys! I'm gonna share two super easy DIYs with you today: a photo display and a cute way to hang all of your sunglasses. Nate and I did both of these pretty quickly after we moved into our apartment. we ordered some of our Instagram photos from PostalPix, which is a great photo printing app for your phone. they're super cheap, they came in just a couple of days, and they're square! we got enough printed that we have them all over the house, but we decided to display some of our favorites prominently over our headboard. to get a cute rustic photo display, you're only going to need twine, clothespins, and nails. (we used regular old nails from the hardware store, but if you wanna go the extra mile cuteness-wise, might i suggest these beauties from General Store?

this project is as easy as deciding where you want your photo display to go, hammering in nails on either side (leaving the nail head about 1/4 inch out of the wall), tying each end of the twine around the nails (just be sure to give the twine enough slack so it looks nice), and spacing the clothespins a couple inches apart along the twine. then pick your favorite pictures to attach to the clothespins, burn the edges of the twine lightly to prevent fraying, and you're done! we love it.

another even easier DIY (it's basically the last project, minus a step or two) is this sweet way to hang/display your sunglasses. Nate and I visited my bestie Hannah in Portland last Spring, and she had one of these hanging in her closet, so as soon as we got back to New York we recreated it. thanks Han :) just hang your nails and twine in the same way as the photo display, hang your sunglasses, and enjoy! we like it in our closet, but it could be cute on a wall in the bedroom as well.

this household loves decorating with twine, and guess what! turns out, Miss Renly is a twine lover as well. she looks like such a wild animal in these pictures!!  meow.

xo, miranda