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Closing out my Open Tabs...

1) Emily Sugihara, the CEO of Baggu, did a studio tour and no surprise, it's cute as can be.

2) i've had this recipe for Montreal Style Bagels by Bleubird bookmarked for a long time and i think i might finally be brave enough to try it. i know nothing about baking bread but am eager to learn... i'll report back with the results!

3) my boy wrote an Open Letter to Charles Manson re: his questionable decision to marry a young lady who would actually marry him, and it's great.

4) finally, my favorite thing i've found on the internet this week (or ever?). this photographer, Ivan Kislov, has been taking photos of some really amazing foxes and other wildlife in a remote region of Russia, and i love them (the photos and the critters) with my whole heart. this Huffington Post article has some of the greatest hits, but feel free to peruse his whole collection on his website.

photo by Ivan Kislov

xo, miranda