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Closing Out My Open Tabs...

some links i've been obsessing over this week:

1) this is the coolest thing. the colors are incredible, and it's just one of those things that you see and wish you thought of yourself. enjoy: pantone project photo series.

2) more often then not i kind of hate buzzfeed but i actually thought this article was great, as well as extremely depressing. anyone down to move to normandy?

3) it's finally october, so i think i'm allowed to post something creepy, especially because it's also beautiful and sad... guys, there's a lake in tanzania that turns bats and birds to stone, and these pictures are unbelievable.

4) does anyone else get depressed when they hear that some event in space will be the biggest or only one of your lifetime? i feel like that gets said a lot. i.e. this beautiful solar eclipse was the longest eclipse of this century, so we'll probably never experience a longer one, and something about that makes me so sad, and always has for as long as i can remember.

5) to end on a lighter note... i can't hide my love for peonies.   this article from Kinfolk Magazine will not only be a how-to guide for my future garden, but also has some of the most gorgeous peony pics on the internet. and i assure you, i have seen a lot of peony pics. 

xo, miranda