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An Easy DIY

here's a super quick & easy DIY i did over the weekend. i've seen this done with paint before, but using tape is much more renter-friendly, as well as a good idea for people who change their minds frequently about decorating, like me. it took probably 20 minutes and it makes me so happy every time i see it. i think i'll probably do the same thing to the bedroom and closet doors in different colors because i love it so much. 

 what you'll need: washi tape or masking tape in the color or pattern of your choice. (i used masking tape because the art store i went to had never heard of washi tape? which seemed odd to me.) 

 ideally you will have tape that covers the width of the side of your door. if that's not the case (like me) you'll just have to layer two pieces to make it fit... i thought it would look sloppy, but you can't even tell. the only part that's semi-tricky is going around the lock part, but i just cut smaller strips to fit.

i'm gonna leave it at that, because really guys... it's a very easy project.

the finished product. i'm in love!

xo, miranda