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Roosevelt Island

Nate and i went on another "how about we" outing over the weekend.  we road our bikes through Brooklyn and Queens and over TWO bridges (tiring!!) to Roosevelt Island, a little two mile-long island situated between the Upper East Side and Long Island City. neither of us had ever been, so we didn't know what to expect. we discovered that it is really its own little contained community with a bunch of apartment buildings, a few restaurants, beautiful parks with city views, even a Starbucks. it seems like a kind of weird but nice alternative to living in one of the outer boroughs, and i imagine it would feel a bit like living in the dorms all over again. we picked up our picnic basket filled with food, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and found a nice shady spot on the north end to hang out for a couple hours. adorbs!

nathan exploring the island


queensboro bridge

picnic spread

our bikes!

lighthouse and two lil squirts chasing each other

xo, miranda