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Fall Vibes

i'm finally getting back on the ol' blogging horse and to tell you the truth, i've been meaning to write up this exact post for almost a month now. there's something oddly daunting about starting a project up again after quite a long time, even if it's something super enjoyable like working on this blog. i've been having a similarly hard time getting back into knitting, which is truly one of my favorite ways to spend down time. i guess it's just difficult to start something up again when you're out of practice.

anyway, i wanted to share some photos from my favorite weekend of this past fall season. it's about time, since it's starting to feel dangerously like winter in New York... so about a month ago, Nate and i went camping a couple hours north of the city. on our way up there, we stopped at Storm King Art Center and spent the morning looking at extremely cool giant outdoor sculptures. it was a perfect weekend full of beautiful fall colors, art, and s'mores, and only encouraged my irrational fantasy of dropping everything and moving to a cabin in the woods.

xo, miranda