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Etsy Finds

1) i recently ordered these tiny, delicate and best of all inexpensive (!) gold stacking rings from Burdees Shop, based out of Louisville, KY. i wear them all the time!

2) when browsing around on Etsy, i am often reminded that you don't need much of a reason at all to send the people you love a card in the mail. a super cute Thanksgiving greeting card? why not, right??

3) i've loved the Rifle Paper Co. Travel America calendar we've had up in 2014. now i'm in the market for a great one for 2015, and this Ello There beauty caught my eye...

4) these sweet Day of the Week Pencils make me want to take up JOURNALING again like the angsty teen i once was.

5) Nate and i saw Interstellar last night and i truly loved it and would happily talk about it at length with anyone who's interested. HOWEVER, i just know i have some scary lost-in-a-black-hole dreams coming my way some night soon, because that's the way my subconscious works. this perfect triangular dreamcatcher just might be the solution...

xo, miranda