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Sometimes Shop

over the weekend I visited a really great holiday pop-up shop in Greenpoint featuring one of my favorite artists, Leah Reena Goren (and fell in love with some others in the process). the Sometimes Holiday Pop-Up Shop is unfortunately now over, but this group of artists hosts pop-ups throughout the year, and also I just wanted to show off the work of some really talented local artists. I found out about the shop through Leah Goren's instagram, and knew I would be able to cover nearly all of my holiday shopping needs. her cat dress is a staple in my wardobe, but she also makes beautiful ceramics and knitwear. the shop features the work of eight different local women, many of whom share studio space and went to art school together. their work fits perfectly together and it makes for one gorgeous shop. i went with the intention of only getting presents, but I couldn't help but pick up a piece or two for myself (see: CAT PLATE).

three of the artists: Rachel Levit, Leah Goren, and Monica Ramos

xo, miranda