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Back at it.

hello dears! i have taken an extended hiatus from this blog and i apologize! my TRUE LEGITIMATE excuse is: i started a new job at the beginning of this year and it has pretty much taken all of my energy. i was quite used to the flexible nannying schedule that i enjoyed for two years, and working at a desk in an office building has been a bit of a change! but the job is going great, i'm just working on figuring out how to continue to do all of the other things i like to do in my spare time. for now, i'll post a couple pics from the last two months or so (oops!) that you haven't seen on this blog. be back soon, i promise!



New Year's Eve was too fun with these two :)

Christmas in Colorado with The Derns!

beautiful Christmas present from Will and Morgan <3

ice skating on Evergreen Lake

our angsty kitty

xo, miranda