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2015 Goals

Like many people, every January I try to compile some resolutions or goals to focus on for the next year. They don't always come to fruition, and I can definitely tell you I am still trying to achieve goals I set out for myself years ago, but I do find that it helps to remind myself what matters to me each year and keep myself on track. I like to include a mix of big-picture, lofty goals (i.e. eat healthier!) with some smaller, more specific goals that may end up being more attainable (i.e. make myself a smoothie every day). Here are five goals that I'm going to try extra hard to work on this year...

Have at least one specified "screen-free" night at home per week. This can be spent making dinner, playing board games, cleaning, playing music, etc. but just no mindless checking of Instagram and Reddit.

Teach myself to knit SOCKS and bake bread from scratch. Rather basic goals I suppose, but there you have it.

Pack weekday lunches the night before. I've been pretty good about packing lunch for work, but it tends to make my mornings extremely rushed and stressful, when I could just as easily make it the night before (or a big batch of something for the week on Sunday night) and not have to worry about it. This resolution falls under the categories of save money AND eat healthier, so it's extra important.

Clean out my closet every season and donate the clothes I'm not wearing. An ideal situation would be: every time I get a new item, I donate an old one. This can also apply to random clutter around the apartment. I am really bad at this, which is why I still own my choir sweatshirt from sophomore year of high school, but I'm going to make a real effort this year.

• Read a book a week in 2015. This has been on my list for the past two years but I've never made it more than thirty books in a year... Wish me luck! I'm starting with "How to Talk to A Widower" by Jonathan Tropper.

Do you make resolutions each year? I'd love to hear some of yours!

xo, miranda